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Thread: Hello!

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    Greetings all,

    I am Anaziel, and I am new to the fleet, my father (Ret. Vice Admiral) Taylynn has referred me to the fleet. I am looking to get back into Star Trek Online, and would much rather join aw fleet that I know and that I am familiar with. I am now 18 years old and am looking to join UFP as a member, and learn and grow with the fleet and within the fleet. Feel free to ask questions about me!

    -Anaziel (Enlisted Crewman)

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    Re: Hello!

    Hello Anaziel,

    It is truly touching to see this passing of the torch, I realy wish this place was still active and thus could provide the kind of enjoyment that your father (and so many of us) have enjoyed throughout the early 00'. Unfortunately, these forums and this fleet is pretty much inactive at the moment. None of us old admirals really ever got into Star Trek Online, and the 15-20 years old games that we loved are not longer viable or easy enough to play online to make it worthwhile.

    In any case, thanks for stopping by. You are more than welcomed to join our group on discord at: Star Trek Universe

    Thank you.

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