Star Trek: Picard – Trailer and News from SDCC

We’ve heard some pretty amazing news from SDCC this July 20th 2019. We’ll let you watch the trailer first:

So yeah… this is exiting news. 7 of 9 is back, the fact that she was present at SDCC this week-end might indicate that she’ll be a recurring presence during this first season of Star Trek: Picard. We can also count on some other TNG cast appearances such as our dear ‘womanizer’ former Cmdr. William Riker aswell as Counsellor Troi and Commander Data. It should be interesting to see how the life of these adored characters from the iconic show have evolved.

When it comes to the ‘feel’ of the series, we have heard rather comforting news from SDCC. First, Patrick Steward is very involved in every aspect of the development of his character which is good news to all those worried of having a Picard brought into a money-grabbing Discovery-like show. Second, Star Trek: Picard will not be a darker version of TNG, but rather a deeper and more dramatic angle to a familiar character. The whole series will supposedly be more character oriented and will present serialized episodes.

Another interesting bit of information is that the show is supposed to unfold at a slower pace than Star Trek: Discovery, which presumably would give it a more ‘TNG’ feel.

Enough from us. Get it directly from the source and watch and Star Trek: Picard SDCC 2019 Panel below:




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