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One event in Star Trek history not only fits the timeline of Star Trek: Discovery, but also fits in with the main character of the series not being the captain. We know that the incident that will be featured in Star Trek: Discovery has already been mentioned in other Star Trek series or movies. We also know that it would have to take place about ten years before Kirk and the Enterprise’s five year mission. Additionally we know that Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Balance of Terror” and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country are touchstones for the new series. Both of these feature a cloaking device and a lot of intrigue and a power struggle.

So here is the theory we think is most likely, and the theory that a lot of Trekkies believe too.

Star Trek: Discovery will focus on Antos IV and Garth of Izar. Garth of Izar was the Kirk of his time and was a certified Federation hero for his role in the battle of Axanar. Garth of Izar was a great captain, but suffered some sort of accident. The inhabitants of Antos IV fixed Garth’s crippled body, but he was made quite insane by the accident. The insane Garth tried to commit genocide and kill all the inhabitants of Antos IV and had to be subdued by his own crew.

In Star Trek: The Original Series “Whom God’s Destroy” we saw an insane megalomaniac Garth trying to take the Enterprise. But who stopped him from killing the inhabitants of Antos IV? Perhaps the reason Star Trek: Discovery is centered around Number One is that she is the one who has to take on Garth? Perhaps the accident Garth was involved in was because of a possible Federation cloaking device?

Antos IV and Garth of Izar would also explain why CBS and Paramount were so set on making sure Star Trek: Axanar never happened.


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