The final frontier Welcome to the Star Trek Universe. An eventful vigorous experience awaits the moment you choose to align yourself with the Klingon, Cardassian, Federation or Romulan states. Engage Shape your universe. The Star Trek Universe galaxy shapes itself from the actions of its members. If the Federation wanted to destroy the Romulan Star Empire once-and-for-all, it could. Brazen opportunistic individuals can negotiate a Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, shifting the balance of power in their favor. Anything is possible; anyone can do it. More Defend your faction Each faction is an independent organisation within the Star Trek Universe platform. A United Nations-like assembly, with representatives from each power, promotes an agenda of harmony and cooperation. Albeit, to mixed results. Scroll to continue

The United Federation of Planets is a peacekeeping and exploration Armada, and by territory, It is the largest single monolithic organisation in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE The Romulan Star Empire is an secretive state which encompasses the Romulan people, subjugated worlds and subordinate species. KLINGON EMPIRE The Klingon Empire is home to a warrior race. Each territory's conquering battles are recounted in taverns across the Empire through wine by poem and song, honouring the deeds of ancestors CARDASSIAN UNION The Cardassian Union is a surpeme militaristic power within the Alpha Quadrant that can be both passionate and without mercy.

We've heard some pretty amazing news from SDCC this July 20th 2019. We'll let you watch the trailer first: So yeah... this is exiting news. 7 of 9 is back, the fact that she was present at SDCC this week-end might indicate that she'll be a recurring presence during this first season of Star Trek: […]
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It's been rumored for months that Patrick Stewart is returning to the Star Trek universe, and it has just been officially confirmed. Stewart will be back in his Next Generation role as Jean-Luc Picard for a new CBS All Access series that is currently in development. It's been more than two decades since Patrick Stewart played the role and fans are […]
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Ubisoft has announced that Star Trek: Bridge Crew, its (primarily) virtual reality recreation of the classic sci-fi television show, will be getting a Next Generation themed expansion for PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. Star Trek: Bridge Crew - The Next Generation, to give the expansion its full and thoroughly unsurprising name, will be […]
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